Divorce, child custody, child support and personal injury mediation in Americus, GA

Resolve Your Legal Matters With George R. Ellis, Jr. Mediator

Are you and your partner arguing about your divorce agreement or child custody orders? Do you need help resolving your personal injury claim settlement? George R. Ellis, Jr. Mediator is here for you. Attorney Ellis helps clients in Americus, GA and the surrounding areas work through family law and personal injury law matters and reach mutual agreements in a respectable manner.

Find a common ground without going to court

With 50 years of experience serving as a licensed attorney, a judge and a certified arbitrator, George R. Ellis, Jr. has the skills and dedication necessary to provide you with sound legal advice and trustworthy support when conflicts arise. You can trust him to help with:

If you’re in the Sumter County area, reach out to George R. Ellis, Jr. Mediator today.

Choose attorney Ellis to be by your side

If you’re dealing with a family or a personal injury dispute, it’s more productive and less expensive to keep the conflict out of the courtroom. Attorney Ellis will work diligently to resolve your disagreements without the need to go to court.

To do this successfully, he’ll:

  • Implement back-and-forth communication between opposing parties
  • Assist the parties in filing paperwork with the court
  • Negotiate with all parties to reach a mutual agreement

Reconcile your differences with help from attorney Ellis. Call 229-942-2065 now to schedule a consultation with George R. Ellis, Jr. Mediator of Americus, GA.

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